A commercial applicator:

  • Applies pesticides for a business, on land owned by someone else, and usually for hire.
  • Also includes applicators who work for a government agency like a township, city, school district, park district, etc.,
  • and applicators who apply to publicly-accessible sites (apartment complexes with four or more units, restaurants and food service establishments, day care centers with preschools, hospitals and medical centers, and golf courses).

Commercial Applicator License

  1. Send application form to ODA with $35 fee. Click here for application form.
  2. Click here for a frequently asked questions page about filling out the application.
  3. Study material can be purchased at the Seneca County Extension Office. NOTE: Please call ahead to ensure we have the materials you may need
  4. Study the material! New applicator schools are optional to help prepare for the test.  Click here to see if any schools are scheduled.
  5. Select an exam date and site. The exam is offered around the state of Ohio each year. Click here for the exam dates and sites.
  6. ODA will notify the applicator by mail with their exam results
    1. If the applicator did not pass an exam, they are able to retake the test. Only the exams not passed need to be retaken.
    2. If the applicator did pass the exams, they are a licensed applicator
  7. Upon passing appropriate examinations, the applicator will be licensed. The $35 fee will be paid annually. The applicator is required to be recertified every three years. Click here for information on the recertification requirements

Business License

A business license is required for a business that applies to the property of another for hire, or solicits and takes orders to apply pesticides. It is also required for a business that conducts wood-destroying insect diagnostic inspections in a contemplated real estate transaction.

  1. Send application form to ODA with $35 fee. Click here for a business application form.
  2. A business license requires proof of liability insurance. See the business application form for the amounts. No testing is required for a business license.
  3. A business must have at least one person in the company with a Commercial Applicator License.

There are four different types of business licenses:

Business license - ($35) License application for a business that applies pesticides to the property of another for hire, or solicits and takes orders to apply pesticides, or conducts diagnostic inspections for wood-destroying insects (WDI) in a contemplated real estate transaction.

Solicitation business license - ($35) License application for a company that solicits only to obtain business. This license type is prohibited from making pesticide applications. A solicitation company contracts with a licensed pesticide business in Ohio to perform applications.

Pesticide registered location - ($35) License application for any additional location or branch of a business operating in Ohio with the same name of a Pesticide Business that already has a pesticide business license in the state of Ohio.

Pesticide dealer - ($35) License application for a person or facility who distributes or sells restricted-use products to licensed commercial or private applicators.