June 14, 2021 - 2:39pm -- mancuso.48@osu.edu

Pre- Fair Judging is quickly approaching.  We will be doing pre-fair judging similar to last year.  There will still be in person and virtual options available.  And as always, if you can not make it to your assigned project judging day, you can have your project advisor judged. 

Advisor judged projected are NOT eligible for any placings, county awards, or eligible to attend the State Fair. 

All members will need to go in, regardless of how you plan on getting judged, and sign up either for a time or to indicate advisor judged.   All in person judging will be held at the fairgrounds and virtual judging will be held on the same day, with the same judges just via Zoom. 

Please read through the appropriate judging letter, either in-person/virtual or the advisor judged and follow the link to the online sign up.  

In Person/Virtual Judging Letter

Advisor Judged Letter

If you have any questions, please let the office know.  419-447-9722 or email Katie: cole.537@osu.edu or Erin mancuso.48@osu.edu